The luxury Spa in Cabo at Esperanza offers harmonious journeys of purification and rejuvenation for body and soul.
From The Antidote’s energy scrub and Yogic massage, The Attunement, returning focus and harmony, and The Head to Toe, for deep relaxation, to The Aloe Glaze Skin Soother, The Desert Clay Purification and Sea Greens Body Replenisher, there’s a treatment to balance body and spirit.




A collection of Auberge Spa experiences

Auberge Attunement

A focused state of mind and fluency of movement are hallmarks of a balanced state of being. Harmonize and revitalize the body with this active yet restorative blend of massage therapies. Herbal compresses infused with muscle soothing essential oils are applied to key pressure points to help relieve pain and inflammation common to the active adult. Once the body is warmed a series of assisted stretches, deep tissue massage techniques and hot and cold stones, work synergistically to ease tight muscles and improve flexibility.

Auberge Antidote

Ancient Yogic massage techniques and pure handcrafted ingredients work together to counter the negative effects of travel induced stress. Natural biorhythms are restored as your body is flooded with beneficial cleansing ions and trace minerals during an aromatic energy scrub. Continue re-mineralizing the body as you soak, surrounded by nature, in an Argan oil-infused bath. To complete the transformation, points along the legs, spine and head are skillfully massaged.

Auberge Head to Toe

The components of this popular treatment flow gently in and out of our “firm and nurturing” signature style of massage. A stimulating scalp massage and a nourishing hair mask deliver beautiful results while lulling you deeper into relaxation. Warm towel compresses prepare your feet for a smoothing scrub followed by a reflexology massage. For more information about our luxury Cabo San Lucas massage spa, contact us.


Aloe Glaze Skin Soother

Take refuge from the elements with one of the desert’s gifts. You’ll be cocooned in a soothing aloe glaze wrap while receiving a gentle scalp and foot massage. After renewing your skin with the healing benefits of aloe vera, a full-body massage with rehydrating aloe lotion will leave your skin soft and revitalized.

Papaya-Mango Body Polish

This tropical delight features fruit enzymes, one of nature’s best remedies for skin cell renewal. Crushed papaya and mango, combined with gentle native cornmeal, makes for the ultimate body scrub. Followed by a Tropical Essence Massage.

Add a Creamy Coconut Bath

Give your skin the ultimate nourishment with a recipe from Esperanza’s kitchen: oats to nourish and hydrate, milk to soothe sensitive skin, and coconut to cool and refresh.

Desert Clay Purification 4

Rediscover the ancient ritual for drawing impurities from the body with our clay spa treatments. A soft red clay body mask envelops the body while you receive a relaxing scalp and foot massage. The clay is removed with a natural-fiber Ayate cactus cloth, leaving your skin exfoliated and smooth. A
complete massage using our desert sage aromatherapy oil further enhances detoxification and relaxation.

Add a Hibiscus Antioxidant Flower Bath

Local hibiscus flowers are packed with Vitamin C, a crucial antioxidant for healthy and youthful skin. Luxuriate in this delicate floral bath to prepare your skin for our Tropical Essence body oil.

Margarita Medley

Indulge yourself with a “Spagarita” during a relaxing foot soak. Next, the foot and hand scrub with massage and hydrating wrap features our Baja Lime moisturizer. A wonderful head and neck massage and a refreshing lime facial compress will make you sigh with delight.

Sea Greens Body Replenisher

Plants from the sea remineralize the skin by providing valuable vitamins and antioxidants. First, your skin will be gently exfoliated using a natural-fiber Ayate cactus cloth. Then you’ll receive a scalp and foot massage while cocooned in a warming, seaweed body mask.
A complete massage, with sea plasma lotion and essential oils, deeply replenishes the skin and relaxes tense muscles.

Grated Coconut and Lime Body Exfoliation

A gentle exfoliation with a delicious coconut scrub is followed by a refreshing rinse, and topped with a massage using our very own Baja Lime replenishing body lotion.


Refresh your body with this tropical treat. A citrus foot soak is enjoyed while sipping a freshly squeezed limonada. Next, receive a body cleanse and scrub with our baja lime gel. A lime and coconut oil massage is the delicious finishing touch.


Esperanza Tropical Essence Massage

From the hands and heart of Cabo, using a rare and exotic blend of Tropical Essence essential oils, your therapist will skillfully and intuitively apply a firm, nurturing touch with a variety of bodywork techniques to alleviate tension and tightness in your muscles.

Cuatro Manos, Dos Corazones

This unique massage is given by two therapists working together as one. The therapists’ intuitive and synchronized movements create a deep connection.

Cabo Thai Massage

A blend of assisted stretching and acupressure compressions along the body’s energy pathways leaves you remarkably relaxed yet energized.

Cabaña Lime Massage

Amidst the ocean breeze on the edge of the Sea of Cortez, our cabaña massage serves up the ultimate escape, with a twist of lime. Compresses of lime refresh you from the Baja sun and prepare the body for a most relaxing massage amongst the elements.

Sun Baked Stone Massage

Smooth stones warmed by our tropical sun are used to penetrate deep into your muscles, with nourishing oils and therapeutic heat, for a euphoric massage experience.


Sol Relief

Feel the soothing effects of this facial, which is ideal for sun worshipers as well as those with rosacea or extremely sensitive skin. A green tea seaweed mask to reduce redness is followed by a calming avocado moisturizing facial massage. For the finale, a vitamin c infusion and a rich propolis serum is aplied to heal and repair the skin.

Papaya Probiotic Clarifying Facial

We address the main areas of concern for guests dealing with problematic skin: inflammation, bacteria control, exfoliation and modulating oil production. An exclusive combination of exfoliating enzymes, sulfur, and probiotics are used as an alternative to
traditional methods, resulting in a noticeably clearer complexion.

Pacific by True Nature Botanicals Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

Formulated with the most potent ingredients from the Pacific Ocean and throughout the Pacific Rim, this facial works form the inside out to address the causes of aging – from wrinkles and sagging to dehydration and hyperpigmentation–at the source. Throughout the facial the skin is nourished with potent herbal, plant and marine extracts such as
astaxanthin from Hawaiian red pond algae, bioactive peptides from algaes and seaweeds, and the perfect balance of essential fatty acids from chia seed, passion fruit seed and papaya seed oils. True Nature Botanicals signature sculpting massage will tone and firm leaving softer skin with a dramatically visible lift.


Water Passage

The Spa at Esperanza features a signature water passage; this unique water therapy experience includes a warm-spring soaking pool, steam caves and a cool waterfall rinse. The water passage is meant to stimulate the lymphatic system and loosen stiff muscles in preparation for your spa treatment.

Desert Climate

Los Cabos is situated in a dry desert climate so guests should be sure to stay hydrated. With this in mind, the chlorophyll water offered at the Spa at Esperanza acts as an oxygen booster, blood cleanser, and blood builder. Add one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll to a glass of filtered or spring water to bring the Esperanza spa experience back home with you.

Benefits of Lime

Lime is used in many of Esperanza’s spa treatments in Cabo as well as our custom blended in-room bath products.  Lime juice and its oils are beneficial for the skin and entire body, protecting against infection, aiding fat metabolism and providing a potent antioxidant boost.  A glass of warm water with the fresh juice of one lime is refreshing, detoxifying and – because of the citric acid present in lime – promotes fat burning.